Vehicle Signage / Car Signs


Vehicle Signage
Size: 1000mm x 1000mm
Full Colour Printing
*Design, Installation and freight not included

Our team will custom fabricate your vehicle signage Cooranbong in a variety of sizes to show everything information you need. From your company logo to edit information or even just a cool, unique design for your personal vehicle signage Cooranbong, we have you covered – literally. Ad tone is expensive, but once our car signs Cooranbong advertising decals and wraps set to the form of car signs Cooranbong, car stickers, vehicle signage and more, you can advertise everywhere you go! On your doors, trailers, sizable interstate transport trailers or anything else, you can face the streets into your billboards with car signs Cooranbong. Options for vehicle signage Cooranbong include:

  • Car wrap brisbane
  • High-performance and racing vehicle wraps brisbane
  • Utes and van wrap brisbane
  • Truck wrap brisbane
  • Heavy Machinery wrap brisbane
  • Police cars and sports ground units
  • Federal police vehicles
  • Ambulances and paramedic confession units
  • Council and local dispensation vehicles
  • Pathology and medical relief vehicles
  • Community buses 
  • Any supplementary government vehicles 


There are two ways to produce your graphics:

  • We utilize pre-colored vinyl for one-color graphics, text, and logos because it is cut by a computer-controlled plotter. Custom colors are available in addition to the standard options, including metallics, fluorescents, and reflecting types of vinyl. To make a multi-colored design, colors can be layered together.
  • We digitally print full-colour graphics to a custom conformable vehicle grade vinyl for intricate designs and bright colors.

When your car is completely wrapped, we generally have to take away door handles, moulding, and lights in order to apply the vinyl. This might take longer on an older automobile and raise the installation price for the car signs Cooranbong. The condition of the paint may also need repair before it can be put up.

The vinyl is designed to conform to the shape of any dents or damaged paint. Flaky, rusty or chipped surfaces may cause problems with vinyl adhesion. An inspection prior to installation will pick up any issues.