Signage in schools and educational facilities is essential to provide directional guidance, locate school administration, find various classrooms, departments and faculty rooms as well as providing added protection and safety for teachers and students alike.

Our team can create clear and robust signage, customised to your school or colleges existing style or provide bulk signage for renovations and new builds. We are proud to be able to supply such high-quality products to facilities that are providing building blocks for the future of our state and country.

School Signage

If you attend a school daily as either a parent, student or teacher, it would probably be easy to miss the extent of signage used, whether that be the main sign on the school’s facade or the fire extinguisher signs found in most classrooms and facilities. 

We can provide any style of signage for your school or education complex. Signage4Business has a limitless range of informational products that can be manufactured from a wide selection of materials for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Types of signage you may expect to find within a school or educational facility may include:

  • Static, electronic or digital signs
  • Classroom and faculty door signage
  • Maps, directional and wayfinding information
  • Emergency exit and equipment sings
  • Car park and traffic direction

You may also find signage for canteens, playground rules and codes of conduct, no smoking, line or queue signage or any other types of signage that aid in the day to day running of a school or college.

Types of School Signs Available

Static Signage

Static signage is the most common type, whether being used indoors or outdoors, you will find it in most areas of any school or facility.

Static signs can be supplied for: 

  • Ingress and egress points
  • Fire safety equipment and emergency exits
  • Emergency assembly points
  • Showers and amenities
  • Playgrounds and sports fields

We can provide your facility with any signage you require, both traditional signs or custom designs.

Electronic and Digital Signs

Lightbox signs have been around for years and can be quite often found out the front of a school or college. Digital LED signage is becoming more and more popular in recent years, providing vibrant and detailed information that is not only easy to operate and adjust but is also more power-efficient and reliable.

Areas to consider using these kinds of signage include:

  • Front of house and school entrances
  • Emergency exits
  • Night displays
  • Receptions and administration offices
  • Nurse stations and treatment rooms

The team at Signage4Business can supply government compliance emergency and OH&S signage, or custom design and manufacture electronic signs to your school’s unique specifications.

We can also manufacture vinyl letters and decals for room identification, feature walls, school grounds vehicles. You can choose from signage options made of metal or stainless steel, glass, aluminium and acrylic, brass or copper, wood or any other bespoke material desired.

Our team of signage experts can work directly with school administrators, principals or government bodies to create one-off signage or provide large volume signage that falls with your schools budget or government allocations. 

Contact us today to find out how we can help you provide signage for your school or educational facility. Call or contact us via email, and we will handle all of your signage needs.

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