Ideal Signage Design Types for your Business

Posted July 20, 2021

If you are planning to expand your business beyond posters and flyers, there is a palette to choose from. Various signage types serve different purposes, this makes it extremely important for you to know the right kind of signage design you want for your business. Let us find out which type will be the best for your company when it comes to promotion.

Public Sector Signage

1.     Pylon Sign

Ever witnessed poles that clasps a brand’s logo while you are driving or walking to a place? Well, we all can certainly relate to those signs, they are the pylon signs which are supported with poles having significant illustrations, emblems or logos of your company. The major advantage of having this sign is that you can grab the attention of your prospective customers from a distance.

2.     Sidewalk Sign

Commonly known as A-frame signs, they are one of the best types you can get for your business. The best features of these signs are that they are lightweight and cost-effective signs which can be placed right next to your store or could be carried anywhere. You can have special add-ons or announcements about your brand or more using these signs.

3.     Informational Signage

Everyone requires concise instructions when they are around some store or organization. These signs can help potential customers navigate to your business location. Some of the common instruction signs include –

  • Restrooms
  • Storage
  • Entry/Exits
  • Emergency

These signs with font style and colors are put together in a way that they are visible from a distance and people can follow the instructions.

4.     Wall Signs

The most commonly used signage type as wall signs. These can be outside or inside your business’ location. Wall signs are of different sizes, messages and one can get extremely innovative when it comes to designing these signs. They can be tailored as per your requirements and never go out of style!

As the discussed business signages play a crucial role when it comes to endorsing your products or services or simply promoting your brand’s name. They give you the leverage to expand and reach out to newer customers. Signage companies Brisbane can help you figure out the ideal type that fits your needs and your pocket. Hopefully, this write-up enlightens you on what signage type will best suit your requirement. For more such content stay connected!

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