Signage Brisbane 7 Useful Tips

Posted September 2, 2021

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Signage Brisbane

For those of you looking to make a great first impression for your business, Brisbane signage might be the right way to go. However, you must keep in mind several rules to follow if you want to take this path. This includes following regulations, keeping up with industry standards, and ensuring quality products. These tips serve as helpful advice for anyone interested in delivering quality Brisbane signage!

Signage Tips

1.    Make your signage stand out with attention-grabbing colors (maybe even an illuminated sign) and a neat design. Bright/bold colors contrast well against the background, making them easier to read for everyone. No one wants to spend time squinting at some corner store’s advertisement; that just makes people more annoyed than anything else.

2.    Keep it simple by keeping everything neat and tidy. This makes it easier for people to read what you’re trying to sell or advertise.

3.    You need to effectively communicate your message to a large target audience. We highly recommend that you use short words and phrases. This is to make it easier for someone else who might not know what every word means

4.    If something seems unclear in some way, ask for feedback from others. They might be able to give different perspectives about which aspects could use improvement.

5.   Ensure you are attracting quality customers by including your business name, logo, phone number and location. Make all of these easy for them to read.

6.    In order for your business to stand out, add a touch of humor and creativity with funny pictures or jokes. People are more likely to remember you when they like what they see, so make sure your signage is memorable!

7. When you are thinking about the maintenance of your signage, it is important to consider what type requires more care. For example, an electronic sign may need cleaning frequently. Remember though that a sheet metal fascia board in a protected area like that inside of a lobby won’t ever really require much from its owner if it isn’t exposed outside or rainwater.

 Your signage specialist can help guide you towards which material will be best for your needs and circumstances.

Keep in Mind

  • Signage should be direct and to the point, conveying only necessary information. You need to choose your words carefully to get their message across without losing any attention spans.
  • Fonts can be a powerful tool when it comes to grabbing someone’s attention. However, using too many different fonts at once will not get you the best results and may confuse people instead of engaging them in your content. For better results, try using concise language that clearly explains what is being communicated helps readers engage with messages better than long creative adjectives do.

4 Business Group offers full-service, high-quality signage Brisbane solutions for your business. Our many years of experience and professional guidance ensure that you get the best possible results with your digital printing and corporate signage. We are a leading signage Brisbane company within the signage industry and can be reached at 1300 404 777 or [email protected] if you need any more information and customer service. 

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