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Posted November 22, 2021

Attention-grabbing text is necessary for a successful digital signage strategy, and it’s at the core of everything else. The way copywriting for digital signage works differs from other static media; or, at the very least, it should.

You can entice and engage an audience by using limited animations and transformations; you may catch their attention then drive a message properly and thoroughly for maximum involvement by transporting information and calls-to-action across a series of slides.

Make Use of the Screen

Don’t put all of your call out information or sales offers on a single static slide. Employ the power of technology to “lead” an audience from one slide to the next by ending your text with a promise or adverb… ‘Today only… Save 30%’… A decent rule of thumb is for there to be no more than two messages per slide and no more than six-seconds reading time between each transition.

Use Headlines

Copywriting and editing professionals must adhere to the same rules of good copy writing that apply to other sorts of content. Headline composition is essential for copywriters and editors in order to provide the most information in the most thought-provoking and engaging way possible. Keep it brief, be helpful, offer a sense of urgency, and offer something distinctive in your on-store digital advertising text.


The ability to localize and customize digital signage content is one of its key benefits over static signage – and it’s essential for producing copy with maximum impact. For example, a department store may isolate its digital signage so that the women’s apparel department uses distinct language and calls-to-action from the men’s area.

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