Signage Design Tips

Posted November 25, 2021

Whether you need a simple poster for your next in-store event or an eye-catching banner to announce your grand opening, you’ll want to get people’s attention.


When it comes to the contrast between your text and its background, you’ll want to make sure that what is on your sign is simple to read. And it’s most effective when your text and background hues are opposite. This might be a bright yellow “Company name” against a black backdrop or a dark-colored “New store opening next week” set against a light pastel ground texture. When people look at your sign, the difference between the background and the text will determine what they notice.


In your sign design, you may create contrast using both geometric and organic shapes. One form might have a smooth surface, while the other has a pointed edge. Because the clean and simple smooth surface draws attention to the geometric shape since it is more complex.


A typeface, often referred to as a typeface family, is a set of letter cases and numerals, accents and symbols designed to a specific design. The term ‘type family’ refers to any variations in the same letter designs, such as bold, normal, or italic.

The fonts on your sign have two purposes: to catch people’s attention and to be easy to read.

  • Clean, strong fonts are best.
  • Keep the same type of font for all your business signs, marketing materials, and on your website.
  • Only use 2 fonts.


Your first goal as a sign designer is to make sure your message can be read and understood in one glance. Readability is the term used to describe this.

When reading your signage design, the ability to tell one letter from another is critical. It’s considerably simpler to read a sans serif type in all caps than it is to read a script type in all caps. These “handwritten” fonts are best used in lowercase or title case (where the first letter of important words is capitalized).

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