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Posted July 20, 2021

Businesses are adopting new ways to attract customers, and window signage is also one of them. It has been the most effective way through which businesses can display their products and interact with potential customers. Specifically, it is most beneficial for brick-and-mortar ventures in terms of advertising.

It seems easy to go for windows signage, but it is a little tricky to pick the right sign for your enterprise. If we talk about varieties, businesses also like to go for lightbox signage that comprises signage with the internal light source; it can be either LED lights or fluorescent lamps that shine via a transparent plate.

It depends upon the business what they prefer. If you go for window signage, you have

different types to choose from. Let’s have a look-

Window Sticker

Window Stickers & Decals

In this, the window sticker can twig with any gum to the window. Sometimes it is preferred the same as a decal. You can also change the sticker’s position as the adhesive is not permanent. If you must change the position many times, then go for low-tac choices.

Otherwise, adhesive can stick eventually. Below are different decals you can pick from-

  • Clear decal comes with a clear background with a coloured design. Businesses who have glass storefronts can use this one and can place it on door windows.
  • Opaque decals comprise opaque background, and you can create a frosted window with this. It is ideal for areas with both privacy & representation.
  • Perforated decals are created espec ially for one-way visibility. It allows you to see out from behind and is suitable for places like café, dance studios, and others.

Static Clings

Static clings are made of plastic and don’t need adhesive to stick them. It has pictures printed onto the plastic surface and can be anything- opaque, matte, or semi-transparent. These can be removed conveniently and re-applicable to glass. Static clings can last for three to four years, but it depends on your maintenance.

However, both the options are worth selecting and cost-effective but which option you pick depends upon the business requirements of any industry. Picking the right kind of windows signage option will take your product marketing to the next level, so choose accordingly.

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